How Voting Works


Ignyte Awards juries are comprised of 20 individuals; a mix of avid readers, reviewers, FIYAHCON staff, and winners from previous years. Each juror is permitted to nominate three works per category, ranked in order of preference. Works are sourced organically from the juror’s own awareness and reading history, as well as a list of eligible works created and maintained throughout the year by the award administrators. We do not accept submissions. Works are awarded 3 points per appearance in 1st place ranking, 2 points per second place appearance, and 1 point per third place appearance. The five works in each category with the most points generates the award shortlist. Winners from the previous year are ineligible to be nominated in their winning category.


The Ignyte Awards are a free, public ballot. We permit voters to submit one ballot of one finalist per category. We verify the existence of the email address attached to a ballot and remove votes from false or sockpuppet accounts as well as duplicate votes from the same verified email. In order to prevent predatory voting practices, we do not permit write-in nominations. Votes are tallied simply: 1 vote = 1 point. Most points wins.


Each year, a new artist is commissioned to create artwork for the new trophy.

Trophies are 3″x3″ medallions featuring the year’s artwork on one side, and the Ignyte Award logo, year, and “winner” or “finalist” on the other side. Medallions arrive in their own black velvet box along with a 6″x6″ congratulatory card featuring the full color artwork with a foil embellishment. Winners and finalists each receive trophies either gold or silver in color, respectively.

Use the arrows on the image to the right to cycle through all trophy artwork thus far.